Fun with Assembly 3: Deeper into the Assembly Beast

This is the third in a series of articles about assembly language. You might want to read the previous post, and the ones that came before it, before this one. This post is based around the Sydney level on microcorruption.com. […]

Fun with Assembly 2: Backdoors and Master Passwords

This is the second in a series of articles about assembly language. If you’re reading this, you should make sure you already understand how Assembly, CPUs, RAM and registers work. The setup This post is going to be based around the […]

Fun with Assembly 1: How your Computer Actually Works

This article is about what is actually going on inside your computer when you’re running software. It’s part of a series about how much fun assembly can be, designed to be readable by anyone trying to improve their coding and […]

The Internet of Things will Blow up your House and Trap You in Your Car

Everyone I speak to at the moment seems excited about the Internet of Things. Everything in your home could be online, communicating and being controlled. Your fridge could Snapchat you when you run out of milk! Your shower could turn […]

Rails at 10: DHH Digested

The enormously popular web framework Ruby on Rails turned 10 this week. These are some quotes from its creator David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH), taken from a VIP VoIP talk he gave at Google Campus, London on Rails’s 10th Birthday (Thursday […]

Video: Getting MVPs Right

Here’s a talk I gave back in April on the many misunderstandings people have about Minimum Viable Products.

Dense Bitpacking for Fun and (tiny) Profit

Premature optimisation (optimising things when you don’t know that they need optimising) is the root of much terrible C++ code. This technique is an example of immature optimisation, which means optimising things when they definitely don’t need optimising but doing […]

Filtering your startup ideas

This post is for people who are just starting out. When you’re just beginning your startup, you’re not looking for PR, investment, growth hacking, finance / tax / accounting / legal help. You just want to work out where to […]

You're thinking about MVPs all wrong

Or more accurately: you’re thinking about MVPs all wrong, probably. The Lean Startup If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with Eric Ries’s book, The Lean Startup. The Lean Startup is one of the best attempts to bring sanity to […]

From idea to 300 users in 4 hours: Rainbows for Sochi

I made a widget for adding a rainbow to your profile pictures, so you can show your support of LBGTQ people during the Sochi Winter Olympics. This post is why I did it, how I did it and what I […]